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Child Sponsorship Program Haiti

Sponsor a Child

Individual sponsorships through GDE Haiti are a wonderful way to connect with a specific child and know you are making a difference in their life. 


The yearly sponsorship cost for one student is $360. This covers one year of tuition, two uniforms, a new pair of shoes, and all textbooks for the school year. You will receive a photograph of your sponsored student as well as some basic information about them and their family. If desired, you may also give your student a backpack filled with school supplies, though this is not required.


Please note that we cannot deliver any gifts to your sponsored child, however if you would like to write them a letter we can deliver it and students love to write back!


When giving, please note your donation as "Individual Sponsorship". We will then match you with a student available for sponsorship.

We do not operate on individual sponsorships alone. We also use our general fund to sponsor additional children. If you wish you give towards this need, you can donate any amount and it will be used toward the education of children in Massey. You will receive a photograph of our sponsored students as a group.

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