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Child Sponsorship Program Haiti


GDE's main activities are centered around educating primary and secondary school children in Massey, Haiti. There are many needs in Haiti, to be sure, and our goal is to focus our efforts on long-term solutions to the short-term needs. Through deepening access to education, we hope to see the Massey community transformed in the years to come, with families largely able to support themselves through jobs attained by graduates of our program.

Our education program provides all the necessary provisions to attend school in Haiti. This includes yearly tuition, uniforms, shoes, textbooks, and school supplies for every child. Generally, families

in Haiti pay monthly for their school tuition. This means that if a more pressing need arises, students will miss a month or more of their education, lowering the chances that they will pass their grade, and creating huge gaps in their education that are difficult to overcome. We accept students into our program during the first year or two of their primary education and pay tuition upfront for the entire year, ensuring that gaps in education do not occur.

We do not operate a school independently, but rather support local schools through increasing and stabilizing their attendance. In the past eight years, the primary school in Massey, which is operated by the local Baptist Church, has been able

to add on to their school, hire new teachers, and heighten their level of education. They have also been able to begin offering secondary education classes, with an additional class being added each year. This is largely due to the influx of steady income provided to them through students sponsored by GDE Haiti. 

Our goal is to support the entire Massey community and provide services in ways that make sense culturally. Through the relationships we have built, we GDE Haiti has developed a unique presence in the area and is well-respected as an organization who truly loves those they serve. We cherish this reputation and are continually grateful to our partners.

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