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Child Sponsorship Program Haiti


Sponsoring a child changes the life of an entire family! Many families save every penny they can throughout the year in order to send just one child to school. Other have absolutely no way of educating their children. Gifting a child with education takes the burden of education off of their family and frees their resources for food, shelter, and medical care.


Tuition is not the only necessity in gaining a quality education! Many schools cannot even provide pencils for their students and many students walk several miles to school each day, carrying all of their books and supplies. Every year, GDE Haiti gives each student a backpack filled with school supplies and other basic necessities for the year. This is a wonderful opportunity for families and groups to get involved!


The best way to support the work of GDE Haiti is to give, and to encourage others to give as well. We are always in need of funds to keep our education program going and appreciate your desire to come alongside us in this service!  Thank you!


Child Sponsorship Program Haiti
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