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Educational Sponsorship

GDE Haiti was founded to assist children in Haiti with gaining an uninterrupted primary and secondary education. Our partners provide funding which pays for tuition, uniforms, and necessary school supplies. Click below to read more about how to sponsor a child through GDE Haiti!

Building a Home for GDE

For 10 years, GDE Haiti has operated out of the home of our brother. In order to grow our program and be a permanent service in Haiti, we need a home base, a place to operate from. We have bought land and are now raising funds for a building. Read more by clicking the link below!

Child Sponsorship Program Haiti

Everyone can sponsor a child through GDE Haiti! Give monthly, yearly, or one time. Sponsor a child individually or partner with other donors to sponsor children as a group. There is no minimum amount; we value each and every donor and want you to be involved in whatever way you feel led.

Child Sponsorship Program Haiti

In addition to providing tuition, we give every child a backpack filled with the supplies they will need for a successful school year. Donating backpacks and school supplies is a great project for families with young children or churches.  A complete list of necessary items can be found HERE.

Child Sponsorship Program Haiti

GDE Haiti is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization providing tuition sponsorship for children in Massey, Haiti. Our mission is to build strong leaders in Haiti and believe that begins with educating the children. We aim to show Christ's love to our friends in Haiti through the basic need for education.

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